EyeRis Registration

How to Register EyeRis Iridology Report Software

EyeRis will work fine without any "Registration" but "DEMO" (or "YOUR NAME HERE") will print into the practitioners box. To change the text that will be printed, email leo@care.cc to obtain a serial code.

After you recieve this Serial number go to the EyeRis Help menu and select 'Registration'
*Make sure all windows are closed*

Now enter the Serial Number you received by email, as well as the details that you would like to appear on the report( e.g. Your Clinics Details).

Note that the first line that you enter on the Registration Form (The Name as you like it to appear on your reports) is used to generate your serial number, so you must use the Exact wording you used to Register with, when you fill in your details on EyeRis. Your Clinic Details (Phone number, address, etc) can be different than the details that you entered to get a serial number.

Once you have followed these steps, your details will be printed on the report.
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