EyeSpy Pebble-8 + 2

Only One Left - Superseded Model

Most if not ALL iridology cameras, iriscopes, sclerascopes, iridoscopes and iris cameras work on the principle of having a large camera with flash lights and the focusing is done by turning the lens while looking through the tiny view finder. After the shot has been taken the image needs to be downloaded onto a computer by removing the memory card and placing it into a card reader that is connected to the computer. By running a program the image will be shown on the computer screen and if there are too many streaks or reflections or if the image is not sharp enough you will need to do it all over again.

NOT SO with the EyeRonec iridology camera as you will see the image on your computer Monitor EXACTLY as it will be recorded. The EyeSpy Pebble-8+2 USB iridology camera is an "entry level" camera, it connects directly to any computer including a MAC to provide a LIVE image on the screen.

The true daylight LEDs may be controlled from the light intensity control and the large focus wheel makes taking perfect pictures easy. No external power is required, the computer provides the power via the USB cable. To take the picture just press the button on the iridoscope or on the cord or mouse and the image is saved, ready for you to file it somewhere, print it or import it into the EyeRis reporting program.

There are 8 daylight LED's that provide illumination for blue and light brown eyes. Dark Brown eyes have traditionally been hard to photograph so we now have included 2 Extra lights for side lighting so that the camera is optimised to take images of true brown irises.

The black soft touch finish and the chrome display stand gives the camera a real professional appearance. The free rotating eyecup will cover the eye to block out any false light that otherwise, may spoil the picture. Capture software is included and is easy to use. We provide a easy to read printed instruction booklet in English (NOT Chinglish).

Could this little Pebble-8+2 camera signal the end of large cumbersome cameras? The images are certainly getting close to the images produced by the large cameras.

Designed and made in Australia, with a Design Patent granted by the Commonwealth of Australia, this iridoscope will perform perfectly for many years to come. The Pebble-8+2 USB camera is guaranteed for LIFE TIME.

Brown Iris Photographs

To improve the quality of images of true brown eyes we have added 2 extra LED lights to the Pebble 8 Camera, creating the new Pebble 8 + 2. The side lighting will cast shadows and therefore improve the quality of the picture.

It seems common for brown eyes to have an opaque cornea, which will show as a white cloud over the iris, like driving through fog, if you use more light, your visibility will decrease. If you encounter this problem use the minimum amount of light for best results.

In difficult cases, or children who are unable to keep their eye still, you may take a number of pictures and diagnose by using the "Partial" images you have taken.

The Pebble 8+2 currently sells for only $525 AUD and for a limited time includes "EyeRis" iridology report writing software with overlay in black, white and invisible. To take advantage of this great offer select the correct option by clicking the arrow then click the buy now button below.

NOTE: The Pebble-8+2 is a 2MP entry level camera if you require 8MP image quality see our EyeRonec camera. Inspect the Pebble 8+2 images HERE before purchasing. You will make pictures like these or better.

The guarantee normally costs $50 extra, however for a limited time offer we are including the guarantee with every Pebble 8+2

Shipping/Postage is charged at a fixed price, we will absorb any extra amount charged.

MAC USERS UPDATE: If you experience troubles using the Pebble 8+2 Software on a New Mac Computer please download the latest software: HERE

Note on Postage times:

Items are dispatched from either our USA, EUROPE or AUSTRALIA office subject to availability. To avoid disappointment, please order your items at least 2 weeks in advance as postage/shipping times can vary and Postage and Customs delays are frequent. Only Limited tracking is available from the Postal service, However we can EXPRESS post your parcel at extra cost upon request.

Did you know the Pebble 8+2 takes video?

Take a look at the video below.

This video was taken with an EyeSpy Pebble 8+2 Iridology Camera. As you can see the video quality is very high (especially at 720p) but just this video was 225MB so taking iris photos is much more computer space effective. Also note the Iridology camera was not completely in focus on the iris, it was focused on the Eyelashes (you can see they are very clear). You may notice the video appears very fast, this is because the camera records at a slow speed and when it compiles the video it brings the frame rate up to 30fps.

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